Tanzanite & Diamond Ring


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This dazzling, top grade stone is an impressive 4.6 carats of royal blue fire. 37 Diamonds 0.37cts HSi set in 8.4grams of 18Kt Yellow Gold.

The stone has a deep blue body with purple secondary highlights. Tanzanite naturally has a double axis, one throws the blue and one throws the purple. It really is a queen of a gemstone. It measures 12.7x 8.94 x 6.73mm.

The modelling of the ring is complementary for most hand shapes and wraps comfortably around the form of the hand in an organic sweep. The tip of the stone is tilted slightly so it will not catch when being worn. All consideration has been given to the design to arrive at this brilliant and lively piece.

This ring bears the Initiatory Current insignia for excellence in original design and manufacture from Ixtlan Jewellery. Size 8




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